In different periods of human life, different generations, the issue of banking services was always important for people. With the evolution in technology and the entering of humans into the electronic world, there are significant features added to this sphere that today people are facing. Nowadays, financial management has become faster than before; however, the new ideas like Monese made another revolution in this community. In this short article, we will write about Monese as one of the best online services in the sphere of banking and how users can open or close their accounts on this platform.  

Monese & Its Features

Shortly to say, Monese is a mobile money account that is providing banking on an online platform. With a Monese account, people can spend, save and send money as fast as possible in a secure atmosphere. The account also allows customers to have multiple currencies especially abroad and it does not require any fees for transferring money between Monese accounts; so shortly users can send and receive money with the fastest UK online platform and pay no fees for it. With the mobile app of Monese, customers can track their money, have easy access to their account details, balance and receive all features that are available in a totally online format. Also, Monese is providing physical cards for their account holders, the cards that are acceptable in any place they accept MasterCard, and customers can spend and withdraw their money at any time. Today Avios and Paypal are cooperating with Monese; users can track their balance and transactions easily all in one place. Besides all that, the support center of Monese is available in 14 different languages at any moment. Shortly to say, Monese is on top of the list of the safest banking services in the world.  

Closing the Monese Account

Definitely, closing services like Monese, with all features mentioned above, is not easy for customers or Monese; however, the decision sometimes needs to be taken and one app can not be best for all people. So in this case, we decided to provide some knowledge about the way users can close their Monese account. As the whole Monese platform is so easy to use, the same in this case shortly users need to open the app, enter the Profile screen, with tapping on settings and later on Account settings, users will be able to see the option that calls “Close Account”. After touching this option, after following instructions, in a few minutes, the user’s account will be closed. Should be noted that another way is just to request for closing the account by sending the email to [email protected] from the registered email on the Monese account. 


As mentioned above, for sure Monese is one of the best online platforms in case of providing banking and financial services; However for users, knowing how to close their accounts on any of these platforms, can be essential and important too.