When we live in with partner is common for couples decide to share some expenses such as utilities, mortgage, buying food, among others. But this can generate a lot of stress and tensions and requires that both know very well control costs to achieve success. If they are starting to live together or want to optimize their finances, we explain how to manage money effectively couple.

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  • Manage money as a couple is easier when both earn the same or have a similar salary as everything can be divided half. If not it is important that they sit down to talk, preferably with bills in hand, to determine the most logical way that can divide and cover expenses. Many couples despite the difference in wages rather cover half the costs and thus avoid conflict, yet every relationship takes its decision.
  • It’s a good idea to have a joint account in which each make monthly contributions corresponding. Services may be domiciled to this account, just as it can be buying food etc. This account shall be entered all that money that is required for the common expenses.
  • However you need, healthy and important that everyone has a personal account with his own money to handle your financial independence. This money can be managed and spent by each spouse at will and it’s important to remember that even though we live a couple we remain individuals with personal desires and needs.
  • Handle and manage money as a couple requires planning, expenditure should be controlled as far as possible and determine if you plan to save, how much monthly money will give each other to get it. Everything is achieved through effective and transparent conversation. As the saying goes “clear accounts remain friends” and in this case also relationships.
  • It is very important to be honest and transparent about the use we make money together. Many times when one member of the couple spends more than the other is usually going to the pool to get to end of the month, which can cause a problem if it is not done openly. Whenever either of them for any reason to resort to that money must inform the other, thus there will be no unpleasant surprises.
  • Finally, it is worth remembering that once a couple decides to live has also taken a vow of trust and honesty, but also you should assume mature responsibilities and costs involved in this step and try to make the economic aspect is what more balanced way to achieve success and avoid tensions and arguments.