save on taxes

Self-employed: see how to save on taxes

Every self-respecting company seeks to reduce its fixed expenses in order to obviously achieve a higher profit at the end of the month, as...
Taxes and Company Opportunities

Taxes and Company Opportunities for you

All companies subject to VAT must declare and remit, at a certain frequency (monthly, quarterly or annually), the collected VAT that they invoice from...
Convertible Loan Notes

How Convertible Loan Notes Can Benefit You?

Recently, most investors are relying on CLN for making a huge profit in the future. Potential investments can be now easily raised with the...

Exploring the details of different CFD trading session

The investment market is open 24 hours a day but there are still factors that can affect the performance. One such thing is the...
Buy Bitcoin Easily

Tips on How to Buy Bitcoin Easily

Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency. It has grown to be popular over the years from a very humble background. These days, virtually everyone...
Businessman sitting on stairs using laptop

Contribution of the CFO to improving economic performance

In these troubled times that seriously damage the health of companies and the nerves of leaders, it is more than necessary to keep a...

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