As they say, money should not be simply kept at bay. If you want it to be fruitful, you need to make it grow by investing it. But where should you invest? Actually, there are a lot of ways to invest your hard-earned cash. You just need some knowledge about it before you start the investment.


In the olden times, money hidden in the cabinet sounds a brilliant idea. Until you see that there are actually a lot of options to make it grow. Why should you invest it? First, since you have easy access to the money, which is just in the corner, you will easily get tempted to get some cash for extra spending. The temptation is hard to resist because it is easily accessible. Secondly, there’s inflation. Savings may be less worthy than expected.

Fixed Bank Deposit

Another option to take is by depositing your money in the bank with a specific interest rate every year. Every bank has its own deposit tenure, required initial deposit, and percentage for the cash deposit. For instance, you have an extra $1,000 and you want to save it in the bank. The bank offers a 6% per annum interest. You will then be getting $1,060 without doing anything, risk-free. Not the biggest profit but not bad considering that you simply deposited your money.


For example, you lend money to your friend and got more after a year. Bonds work this way. But you are not lending to a friend, you are lending money to huge companies, government, or a region. This assures you that the money you lend will surely return to you. Plus, you are getting interested.

Bonds are considered less risky compared to stocks and it is also long-term. Most of the time, the government will sell the bonds to other financial institutions or banks which will then be distributed to investors. Moreover, the profitability of bonds depends on several factors.

Forex Trading

Forex trading gives you the chance to earn your first million. Aside from that, it also keeps your money rolling. You join the financial market by creating a trading account through a reputable broker. Then you deposit money into your account and the real battle begins. Also, the opening of an account is usually free of charge and you can also test the waves thru demo accounts offered by brokers. This is also a great way to test your trading strategies without spending money.


You purchase a small part of the company’s shares then you become a shareholder and you get dividends. As long as the company that you invested makes a good income, your investment is safe. Stocks are affordable. But the less you invest, the higher the commission of the broker can be. It is best to buy stocks when it is priced low but you also need to make sure that it won’t go any lower.

Investing is not easy. It may sound easy at first, especially if you just heard about it from your peers. So, if you want to succeed in any type of trading and investment, you need to first learn it. Gain proper knowledge before you give in your money.