Inflation leads to a series of effects on businesses as well as the economy as a whole. Business investments may get reduced while they struggle to pass the higher cost of purchases to the consumer. Rising inflation can also increase business loan interest rates, which can make business loans expensive and hinder growth. Hence, you need to protect your hard-earned wealth from inflation. Here are some smart ways to immunize your business,

  1. Invest in assets that protect your business wealth – Business owners can invest in physical assets like real estate which keeps appreciating over time. Investing in equipment, while subject to depreciation, can ensure that you keep up with supply.

You can also invest in precious metals like shares of gold mining companies. These assets are less affected by inflation and are often regarded as an inflation hedge.

  1. Cut down business expenses – An effective way of creating savings is to cut down on your expenses. When you sense impending inflation in the near future, try to prepare an expense budget. Identify expenses that are in your control and make a plan to slowly reduce or eliminate them. If you can put a check on such expenses, it will increase your reserves and put you in a better position to tackle inflation.
  2. Maintain an emergency fund – Prolonged inflation can lead to recession. Therefore, it is important to create an emergency fund for your business. This will help you manage the financial situation during the difficult times of inflation. In case of a demand slowdown due to inflation, your emergency fund can come to meet operating expenses.
  3. Manage debts and receivables – You can also consolidate your existing debts to lower your borrowing expenses. For example, you can check your business loan eligibility and look for low business loan interest rates to pay off high-interest debts.

Recovery from customers should also be accelerated. Efficient collection of receivables without hampering customer relationships can strengthen your cash position.

  1. Study your material price and stock smartly – With inflation, the cost of purchase also increases. Therefore, businesses need to study the market and monitor their sourcing strategy constantly. Due to consumer prices rising, many businesses need to sacrifice their profits to remain competitive. This happens if they are not able to pass on the cost of goods sold to the consumer. Keeping a close look at the material price can help you keep up the normal profit margin even during times of inflation.

If you want to avail business loan to prepare for inflation, check your business loan EMI calculator to find out a suitable loan tenure. Your preferred lender may offer flexible loan repayment options as well. By managing these aspects of business, you can strengthen your business to face inflation better.

Infographic created by Clover, a payment processing company