Our elders need a little looking after as they grow older! While we try to give them every qualitative facility and luxury, a health insurance policy is also crucial. Not because it will protect them from diseases or natural deterioration, but because it will help them avail the best treatment during a health crisis. Health insurance for parents has become a necessity given the ever-increasing medical expenses can exhaust one’s savings. Check all the available plans and schemes to get health insurance for parents. Keep a few things in mind before choosing the best one available.

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Things to Look Out for In The Plans

A few determinants in the best health insurance for parents must be in everyone’s checklist before buying a health policy. One must know the grounds of comparison of the available options to end up buying the best item!

Check the Waiting Period

The waiting period is an essential factor when buying health insurance for senior citizens as a long term plan might not be beneficial in case of health emergencies. Although most of the companies try to keep the lowest waiting period possible, one must always keep a check on the available policies.

Pre-existing Illness Coverage

Most of the elders are likely to have mild health conditions. Coverage for pre-existing illness counts as a must in this case. Also, check whether or not the insurer demands a pre-policy health check-up report. Some of the leading insurers are not putting this factor in their terms and conditions. So, one can easily dodge this additional expense before buying the health policy.

Annual Health Check-up Facility

To look after our parents efficiently, we need to keep tracking their health condition to take precautionary measures. It is easy to avail a free health check-up annually for every no-claim period.

Organ Transplant and Donor Coverage

Organ damage is one of the most common ailments in older people, as the natural deterioration in their health can cause organ failures. A health insurance plan that offers organ donor and implantation coverage will be the most beneficial in this case. Thus, in the case of elders suffering from serious ailments, this coverage is a must!

Network Hospitals and Cashless Claim Facility

The availability of cashless claim facilities in the network hospitals is also a factor which determines the quality of treatment the patients will get. Therefore, one must go through the list of hospitals and the claim ratio of the company to make the most of the health policy!

Steps to Buy Health Insurance for Parents Online

  • Buying health insurance for parents online is entirely convenient and time-saving if one chooses the right platform.
  • Several online insurance brokers in India offer end-to-end support and services to the customers who are not well-versed with the insurance market.
  • Find the best one available and choose the top-rated companies to compare the available plans. Check the ICR (Incurred Claim Ratio) to shortlist the best ones, apart from other considerable factors.
  • Go through the available plans for senior citizens and put them in the compare dashboard. Yes, it becomes easier and efficient to make a comparison between available dispositions using this process.
  • Go through the coverages offered and check all the necessary factors concerning the premium rate.
  • Choose the one that is offering the most useful number of coverages at reasonable premiums.
  • Complete the formalities online, and the job is complete!

A comprehensive health insurance plan for parents is the best gift one can give them. Insurance companies take care of all the requirements and general concerns of people to serve the best coverages! All one has to do is make the right choice at the right time without falling into market traps.