Instant Auto insurance no down payment? This sounds too good to be true! Well this is not a myth and if you do even a small amount of research on automobile insurance policies, you will surely find there are a number of insurance agencies providing buyers with an instant auto insurance no down payment facility. Usually insurance agencies will not insure your car without any upfront down payment, which can be a sum or an advance for the next three or six months.


However, with the passage of time, the world of insurance market grew bigger and bigger and the agencies are offering insurance options on much cheaper and buyer friendly terms to gain more customers. As a result of this buyer friendliness in the limelight, the concept of instant auto insurance no down payment is becoming a norm. There are a large number of vehicles, which are provided to the employees from the organizations where they work for official or personal use. So, organizations have to commit to a contract with insurance agencies for a number of vehicles.

Attracting large organization

In order to attract large organizations which own a number of cars and vehicles, instant auto insurance no down payment schemes are becoming more and more popular. With such schemes, the agency is signing up a contract comprising a number of cars and do not worry about the down payment, which is otherwise a relatively good sum of money. However, the agencies tend to cater for well-known organizations which have a good market portfolio for these schemes. For smaller, less known organizations, or new ones, it is sometimes difficult to get such insurance scheme from large insurance agencies.

Apart from the instant auto insurance no down payment, there are other insurance policies too, where just a very nominal amount of down payment is required which is more of a formality than an actual amount like, for instance the car insurance first month free no deposit. In this case, the auto insurance can be of variable duration. You can buy policies for six months, a year, 5 years or more. Irrespective of the period of the insurance plan, the initial amount will be deposited followed by a monthly fee. For newer vehicles you can source better plans with less down payment and smaller monthly fees. However, as the vehicle ages, it becomes more difficult to insure. And even if you do get it insured, it will cost you more. It is best that whenever you purchase a new car, have it insured right away to get the best insurance policy rates.

No down payment car insurance companies are gaining users’ favor and trust rapidly

You can easily Google and find a number of insurance websites and adverts, in the vicinity of where you live, which will claim in bold letters that Instant auto insurance no down payment is available here. But sometimes it can be a hoax too, and although no down payment is required, there are other hidden dues as well that people pay instead of a down payment. At times, apart from the premiums payable, other dues after a certain period of time become payable, and are somewhat similar to a down payment with another name. So, it is necessary to ensure that before buying a policy, whether you are being given the facility of Instant auto insurance no down payment, or whether you are being a victim of fancy marketing and big hollow slogans.

Apart from becoming a victim of any insurance hoax, conducting a thorough research is also essential to differentiate between the many insurance options available. It is usually a bit overwhelming to decide which insurance option is right for your automobile. Sometimes attractive slogans like no money down payment car insurance, which seems to be very beneficial to your company is in fact not really a good option because of high monthly installments or some hidden payments, which have to be made after every 3 months or so.

Good insurance plans and schemes for automobiles

However, this is not always the case, and there are some very good insurance companies who try their utmost to provide buyers with the best plans to suit their requirements and needs and would not just be an additional monthly cost and burden on their budgets.

Finding a good insurance plan for your automobile is quintessential for your safety and to avoid extra dents in your wallet when your car is dented at any time. Good insurance plans and schemes for automobiles are available and many smaller companies are also offering them at a low rate, but our advice would be to go for well-known insurance providers, as on average, your car might be in need of insurance services three to four times per year. When you have this frequency of dealing with insurance providers, it is essential that those instances are professional and reliable.

Policy Genius is a good website, which helps you to compare rates from different insurance policy selling companies. You can compare the rates online for a better idea, so when you go into the market physically to make inquiries, you already have a heads up about the rates from different insurance sellers. This will help you make a sound decision about which automobile insurance to buy and which one to avoid.

Here are some points which you should check when buying a good insurance policy

  • Liability Charges: if you are at fault during a collision, you must pay for the damages. The liability charges can be paid fully or partially by the insurance sellers if it is covered in your policy.
  • Personal Injury Protection: (PIP) This will cover the medical charges of the policy holder and also the passengers in his car, no matter whose fault it is.
  • Gap insurance: If you are getting a brand-new car, its lease value is more. In this time period you can utilize the gap insurance.
  • Collision Coverage: When your car collides with any object, you can file for the collision coverage charges.

These are some of the points one should consider before buying an auto insurance. If you want to go for instant car insurance no down payment, go for it, however do proper market research to know whether you are getting the best deal or not.