Top 5 Options To Double Your Money

As they say, money should not be simply kept at bay. If you want it to be fruitful, you need to make it grow by investing it. But where should you invest? Actually, there are a lot of ways to invest your hard-earned cash. You just need some knowledge about it before you start the investment.


In the olden times, money hidden in the cabinet sounds a brilliant idea. Until you see that there are actually a lot of options to make it grow. Why should you invest it? First, since you have easy access to the money, which is just in the corner, you will easily get tempted to get some cash for extra spending. The temptation is hard to resist because it is easily accessible. Secondly, there’s inflation. Savings may be less worthy than expected.

Fixed Bank Deposit

Another option to take is by depositing your money in the bank with a specific interest rate every year. Every bank has its own deposit tenure, required initial deposit, and percentage for the cash deposit. For instance, you have an extra $1,000 and you want to save it in the bank. The bank offers a 6% per annum interest. You will then be getting $1,060 without doing anything, risk-free. Not the biggest profit but not bad considering that you simply deposited your money.


For example, you lend money to your friend and got more after a year. Bonds work this way. But you are not lending to a friend, you are lending money to huge companies, government, or a region. This assures you that the money you lend will surely return to you. Plus, you are getting interested.

Bonds are considered less risky compared to stocks and it is also long-term. Most of the time, the government will sell the bonds to other financial institutions or banks which will then be distributed to investors. Moreover, the profitability of bonds depends on several factors.

Forex Trading

Forex trading gives you the chance to earn your first million. Aside from that, it also keeps your money rolling. You join the financial market by creating a trading account through a reputable broker. Then you deposit money into your account and the real battle begins. Also, the opening of an account is usually free of charge and you can also test the waves thru demo accounts offered by brokers. This is also a great way to test your trading strategies without spending money.


You purchase a small part of the company’s shares then you become a shareholder and you get dividends. As long as the company that you invested makes a good income, your investment is safe. Stocks are affordable. But the less you invest, the higher the commission of the broker can be. It is best to buy stocks when it is priced low but you also need to make sure that it won’t go any lower.

Investing is not easy. It may sound easy at first, especially if you just heard about it from your peers. So, if you want to succeed in any type of trading and investment, you need to first learn it. Gain proper knowledge before you give in your money.


Key bookkeeping steps that every small business should follow

Irrespective of the size, service, and domain of a business, managing accounts, and balanced books are key to running an effective company. While balancing the load of responsibilities and business operations, owners and managers often put accounting on the side rails. And, this prolonged procrastination often leads to accounting nightmares and unbalanced sheets.

While it may seem like a tedious and mundane task, bookkeeping is crucial, especially for the small businesses to establish a strong ground. Here are some keynotes that every business should follow when it comes to bookkeeping.

  1. Maintain different accounts and books for different processes

When it comes to bookkeeping, segregating data and categorizing accounts is extremely important. This not only simplifies the process but also gives you a clear picture of your receivables, expenses, and outstanding. Also, it can help you monitor the cashflows and optimize it. Some of the common accounts include inventory, loans, payroll, retained earnings, accounts receivables, and cash account.

  1. Keep bookkeeping and accounting separate

While most people use the terms interchangeably, and though these share some aspects, bookkeeping and accounting are 2 completely separate aspects

Bookkeeping deals with capturing and recording transactions as they occur for different accounts. Accounting, on the other hand, focuses on interpreting, analyzing, and summarizing the financial structure for the business.

You should not alter or adjust bookkeeping records to meet your accounting goals.

  1. Log expense receipts and cash expenses

For an entrepreneur, knowing where and when your money is important. More importantly, to know when and where you are spending it. After all, profitability comes when you subtract expenses and taxes from the revenue. So, whenever your business spends money, make sure to save copies of the receipts and track them diligently. This would not only help you optimize the expenses, but also help you file taxes and returns seamlessly. And never overlook cash payments, that’s where more of the cashflow leaks away.

  1. Keep personal and business lives separate

There are a lot of small businesses out there, where owners use their personal and business accounts interchangeably. Or use a single account for both. While there is nothing wrong with dipping into your savings during the initial months or low times, mixing the personal and business accounts can be troublesome. Especially when you are reconciling the accounts and tracking expenses.

  1. Leverage technology and expertise

Despite having limited knowledge and a basic understanding of bookkeeping, people try to do their taxes and accounting themselves. And more often than not, they end up with blunders and gaps. It is advised that businesses should invest in setting up an in-house team or opt for external services. This could help lay the groundwork and set up useful industrial practices. Also, there is various bookkeeping software that you can subscribe to to manage your accounts and financials. Furthermore, external vendors like an Atlanta bookkeeping services can help you manage and offer insights on what may look like just numbers to you.

Having smart financial analytics can enable you to make better decisions and focus on factors that matter. And when your books are well organized and properly managed, you can get a clear view of how the money moves around in your business.


FlipItNews – Best app to track stocks and businesses on the go

When it comes to investing and stock trading, news and reaction time can make or break an investor. No access to timely information is the biggest worry for anyone who is into stock market trading!

But what if there was an app that curates everything that is happening in the business world and provides you with a 50 word summary? Life will become simple, isn’t it? That is exactly what FlipItNews does. FlipItNews is the best app for business and share market news live in India. With FlipItNews you get the latest stock market and business news in India delivered directly to your phone in 50 words or less

This newly launched app has already become very popular among the millennials who have no time to read long news articles to keep track of what’s happening around. With FlipItNews you get real-time business and stock market news summary delivered to your phone. Not only that, with this app you can track any stock or listed company and get instant push notification for any news update. You also get all recommendations from the top brokers in India in one place which helps you to make sound and informed investment decision. This app is must have for all the traders, investors or anyone who want to keep track of business and financial market. It also provides detailed step by step tutorial for anyone who is new into the game of investing!

This is India’s first stock market news app powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science (DS) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This app is now available at Google Play Store. Download the best stock market news app and make your money grow!


Why should you buy stocks in Azul?

Why should you buy stocks in Azul?

Now, investors have plenty of options to sell or buy stocks. Azul is a great choice to buy stocks at an affordable cost. The NYSE: AZUL at offers cargo and airline passenger service. It assists investors to choose Azul as an investment. It let people undergo stock exchange easily. It is mostly traded on the New York stock exchange. These services are provided with some aspects like leather seats, entertainment screens, seat selection, and much more. It is accessed by lots of investors. However, the price of the Azul stock differs every day. It allows you to exchange foreign currencies without hassle.

It offers an unusual choice for investors which lets them earn great profits. The average stock score of the company is 2.00 depend on hold ratings, buy rating, and sell rating. This company has three reports which estimated based on the price target. It allows people to invest in the share market with sufficient funds. The calculation explains that Azul with some funds. It provides a bulk of choices to ensure stocks and enhance their portfolio. Most of the traders are using Azul to enhance their investment strategy. You might get lots of advantages to investing in the stock exchange. 11 hedge funds are available for investors. It will make a big profit in your business at less time.

How to purchase stocks of Azul?

You can able to purchase shares by using an online brokerage account. The NYSE: AZUL allows you to select a stock to depend on the current rate. Shares are calculated based on the past three months of stocks. The annual turnover of Azul is higher than US stocks. It will check assets related to shareholders. You might have similar options to choose stocks in Azul like CVE, AMC, CLUB, and others. It offers a more volatile rate than the estimation. You might buy stocks for the short or long term in the market. It will give a new experience for investors in the share market. When purchasing stocks, you have to consider shares of the company that let you invest in the right way.

The price valuation is calculated depend on the current price and target price. The cash flow rate of Azul is greater than other stocks. It gives an effective solution for people who like to increase their trading volume. It ensures more cash flow in the field. It helps investors to purchase share according to current trading volume. It let you gain high average shares on your business. So, utilize the Azul and earn huge money on the stock market. You can check stock quotes before stock trading.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


Exploring the details of different CFD trading session

The investment market is open 24 hours a day but there are still factors that can affect the performance. One such thing is the trading session. As investors are aware that global nations participate in this transaction, countries with their distinctive timetables make up this feature. This is important to understand because, without the right window, there is no plausible way to make a profit. Novices fail to understand as they only rely on volatility. Whenever there is any trend appearing, they will immediately look at the chart and deposit money. To understand which time is particularly profitable, the concept is vital.

Most brokers do not provide in-depth lessons and investors are not fully aware. If you do not have a proper idea of what we are talking about, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to describe this scenario and the impacts on profit as well. You will be amazed to hear that majority of financial returns depend on taking a successful entry during the right session. Not all are profitable and many are quite dangerous as well!

Before commencing, a brief discussion on this topic is essential. This is also known as market hours where major markets are open such as London, Tokyo, New York, and Sydney session. It indicates when specific pairs are storming the industry. Overlapping is another vital idea that is correlated. Sometimes traders may find two major market hours are in a collision course. Unlike accidents, they are best for profits as it indicates the highest number of active investors. The cash flow is immense and any decision can be financially rewarding. Many smart traders wait for particular hours to ensure the decision reaps the benefit.

Which is the most important session?

Every session is important for CFD traders. Based on the trading session, you should pick your desired instrument. Saxo capital markets Singapore always encourage the traders to know more about trading session and instrument. It gives the unique ability to pick the right financial asset at the right time. Knowing about the trading hours is hard but spend some time in the demo account takes trades based on trading hours. Soon, you will have a perfect routine that can help you to take high-quality trades at any instant.

How does this impact the profit generation?

First of all, this market is all about probability. With a little number of players, the possibility reduces drastically. A person does not make money unless he has a higher chance than the others. Similarly, investing in difficult moments will not provide any returns. If a trader wants to make a profit, he needs to understand the active hours. If he is using a good strategy, still the expected outcome may not be achieved as most are inactive. A good investor looks out for opportunity rather than only identifying the dominant trends. He knows volatility is required but a suitable window is more preferred.

Secondly, it refers to the period when transactions are taking place in the highest volume. Without sufficient cash flow, do not expect to make a profit. Money is like a crumb of bread that is scattered around the corner. A person needs to be patience to master the ability to survive consistently while generating adequate capital. If strategies are used at the wrong time, they will not give a substantial return. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

Overlapping sessions are much profitable

This is another concept that is not covered in regular trading educational articles. It is a pity that brokers like to keep their clientele in darkness. When two major markets are trading simultaneously, this offers a higher chance to make money. Generally, the London\US market overlapping is regarded as the best opportunity due to their heaviest volume of trading which arises most opportunities.


Tips on How to Buy Bitcoin Easily

Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency. It has grown to be popular over the years from a very humble background. These days, virtually everyone with the slightest knowledge about bitcoin also wants to venture into bitcoin investment, which was never the case in times past. You too should not pass on the opportunity to invest in bitcoin now that the value is still not so high. A few months from now, the value of bitcoin would have grown beyond imagination. So, you need to make up your mind today and invest in bitcoin. You can earn bitcoin via any means possible or you can simply buy bitcoin to kick start your bitcoin investment.

While everyone wants to invest in bitcoin, it is surprising that many people still do not know how to buy bitcoin. It is not necessarily their fault anyway; bitcoin is a relatively new form of investment to so many. If you also fall into this category, we will enlighten you about how you can buy bitcoin in the remaining part of this write-up.

How to buy bitcoin

Before you can buy bitcoin, you need to first have a bitcoin wallet. The bitcoin wallet is where you will store the bitcoin that you purchase. The bitcoin wallet plays the same role as your physical wallet or your bank account. When you earn bitcoin also, the bitcoin you have earned will also be sent to the bitcoin wallet. After you have opened a bitcoin wallet, it is time to purchase bitcoin. You can buy bitcoin from bitcoin exchanges and the exchanges will sell bitcoin to you in exchange for fiat currency.

You can use various traditional payment methods to purchase bitcoin from these exchanges depending on the traditional payment method accepted by the particular exchange you are dealing with. The bitcoin you buy from the exchange will be automatically deposited to the bitcoin wallet you opened earlier.

Buying bitcoin in the United States

The United States financial regulatory bodies have placed sanctions on several platforms that sell bitcoin. So, they will want to know where you are purchasing bitcoin from before they sell to you. They will ever what to sell, to you if you are buying from the United States. While buying bitcoin may not be entirely difficult in many other countries, you cannot say the same about the United States. Bitcoin is relatively new and some still question several things about it. Be that as it may, the future is very bright for this means of digital currency.