Businessman sitting on stairs using laptop

Contribution of the CFO to improving economic performance

In these troubled times that seriously damage the health of companies and the nerves of leaders, it is more than necessary to keep a...
Extended Warranty

What Does It Mean to Have an Extended Warranty

No matter the high standards for quality control, no product still ends up being perfect. Because of this, manufacturers often sell their goods with...
Budget plan

Budgeting for Dummies

Knowing how to stay within your budget can be difficult, especially if you adhere to the idea that MoneyMoney is something that just magically...
Accounting Duties

Accounting Duties Are Much Easier When You Hire a Professional

Accounting work is far from simple and because the tax and accounting laws can change from year to year, it is best to rely...
Payroll Systems

New Payroll Systems Are Not Always Sunshine and Roses

The city of Pittsburgh implemented a brand-new payroll system at the start of 2020. Once every planned function is fully rolled out, the system...
Car on Finance Know your Stuff

Getting a Car on Finance Know your Stuff

Purchasing an auto on money is an alternative for individuals who might want to spread the expense of purchasing a vehicle over a time...

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